Introducing DC Students to Banking | The Arc of DC

Introducing DC Students to Banking, Budgeting, and Perhaps A Career in the Field

With our Community Based Instruction Program in full swing, 25 students from Ballou Stay High School traveled to TD Bank in November to gain real world experience about the banking industry. The primary focus was to understand the importance of using a bank and how to manage their funds to increase savings, as many students have never been to a bank and hide money away in their homes. Prior to visiting the bank, the bank store manager and his lead teller visited the students in their classroom to discuss budgeting and savings. Students had the opportunity to fill out a budget, plan for a savings account, and even calculate simple interest.

The visit to the bank began with a discussion panel, made up of the store manager, lead teller, a financial representative, and a customer service representative. Topics of discussion included how to open an account, how much interest can be earned on different accounts, what lending options are available, and the requirements for working in the bank. The students asked a variety of questions that often challenged the banking staff. Students were also taken on a tour of the bank to review where different banking functions take place, including a walk through the money vault. Before departing, TD Bank provided the students and staff with some fun mementos, like savings banks.